Test Page

fair enough, I'll allow it! -- uptime

Seems like there may be no small amount of potentially horrific confusion with regard to the Edit button(s) ... --uptime

  1. Button works as intended.

  2. Do we have protected/hidden pages?

yeah ... I put this here "new page" page in as a hack to facilitate making new pages - the form itself has a button named "edit' which might be better labeled "Create"

(although if you try to create a page with the same name as one that already exists, it will just edit that one rather than create a new one)

I think it should be possible to protect a page but have yet to figure out how to do it for a specific page - can easily lock down the whole site by disabling the edit functions altogether

But ... I am interested to see what happens if I leave it all as open as possible for now - including the main page. Just no email functions ... don't need that hassle in my castle!

I don't think there are any truly totally hidden pages able to be created via the front-end interface - can remove links to them from other pages but the Recent Changes will still totally list them.

On the server side of course anything is possible - it ends up serving just a directory with a bunch of html pages --uptime


Do you (admin) have rollback powers? I'll do most of my edits on mobile, so no backups for me. What if some evil actor wipes the stuff, bro?

Also what if 2 bros edit at the same time the same page?

rollback capability, restore from system backup if it comes to that, no problem. evil actors will be assimilated, come at me bro!

edit collisions get handled via git - diff gets displayed to review and merge any conflicts - might even run into this with multiple self-edits done from different browsers etc

basically it's made to be broken (and easily fixed again) bro! --uptime