ColoCrossing are a data center operator of allegedly ill repute.

I'm not sure what the exact timeline but some years ago they allegedly (and secretly) acquired the LowEndBox website and the LowEndTalk forum. They then started making use of these once (allegedly) respectable sites to promote many (alleged) offers from (alleged) "companies" that (allegedly) pay them for servers etc.

While that alone would be potentially upsetting to people who might want a more level playing field for other providers - a more serious concern has been raised. There seems to be a pattern of these alleged companies alllegedly failing to deliver the alleged services to the people who buy these offers advertised on LowEndBox and now increasingly on LowEndTalk, resulting in much alleged wailing and gnashing of teeth.

There is some speculation that there is a bit more of an actual, organized scam being run through alleged "front" companies, allegedly. You can see for some notes that might support that notion.

Or so I've heard from various alleged sources on the alleged internet. Allegedly.