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  • List of pages
  • The purpose of this wiki is currently strictly experimental
    • mainly to see how a proper wiki might eventually work (ie, something at wiki.lowendspirit.com)
    • but do go ahead and use this one to do any wonderful wiki things you might care to try
  • Be aware that wiki content is intended to be collaborative - expect edits
  • All email-related wiki features are disabled for now
  • You can register an account on the wiki if you want to make any edits, also openid might work via a Gitlab account
  • if registering an account on this here highly experimental lowend.wiki
    • don't use a password that you use elsewhere
    • there is a form for entering your email address but that shouldn't matter (see above: email features are disabled)
  • You can use standard markdown (more or less as you might be used to in vanilla) for fancy formatting
    • and [[anything in double brackets]] will make an internal wiki link
  • After making an edit, you may need to refresh the page in your browser to see the changes you made
    • that is because this so-called wiki system is actually a static site generator :)
    • so when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout - and ... refresh the page
  • Complete version history of amy saved edits is handled on the backend via git
    • but be sure to save any especially precious ponderings elsewhere as well
    • because this is surely a work in progress
    • like a sand painting, it will not remain in its current form for very long
  • If any questions, you can ask in this thread on lowendspirit or send me a message
  • Enjoy!

All wikis are supposed to have a SandBox, so this one does too.

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